Sunday, January 22, 2012

Drag and Drop Slic3ring

I am excited to see that Slic3r 0.6.0 is out!

Some new features of this new revision are:
  • Thin walls
  • New output file name format
  • Option to create output file names using configuration option values
  • Automatic retraction at the end of the print

The new naming option inspired me to write a batch file for drag & drop Slic3ring. It ended up to be pretty simple. Here's the setup I have at the moment.

On my desktop I have 3 batch files for 3 different print qualities:

Each batch file uses its own configuration file and has a customized output file format See the Slic3r readme for details.

Heres the contents of  draftSlic3r.bat:

echo on
cd %~p0
C:\slic3r\slic3r.exe --load "C:\Documents and Settings\bjbsquared\My Documents\My Dropbox\slic3r_mosaic_draft.ini" %1

When an STL file is drug and dropped on one of these, the batch file will launch Slic3r, load the configuration file and slice the STL. Theres not much feedback with Slic3r working in this mode. There is no GUI and you only know Slic3r is done when the command window says "Press any key to continue..."  . I don't know if there is any warning if Slic3r had problems because I haven't had any yet.