Friday, December 11, 2009

Applicable Shipping Changes Will Be Added

I have just placed an order with McMASTER-CARR for my McWire. It shipped the same day and should be here even before I have a chance to get to the hardware store for the rest of the stuff. Their website is awsome but what's with the "Applicable shipping charges and tax will be added."? 

Even after the package has shipped I can't get the amount. 


mccoyn said...

I got the same thing when I ordered 2 meter long pieces of threaded rod (less waste that way).

I believe they do that when you order something that doesn't fit in a standard sized box. They have to show it to the shipper before they can figure out what the charge is.

bjbsquared said...

Ah, yes that makes sense. I did have threaded rod which probably threw off the form factore of a simple package.


Jeff said...

No matter what you order from them they never tell you the shipping charges upfront.

But they are always fair with the shipping charges.

I have made dozens of orders from mcmaster over the past 5 years and have noticed this as well, it seams to just be them trying to get the best possible shipping price for you.