Tuesday, December 29, 2009

McWire Build Session 5

I am approaching the end (for now) of the Mcwire build effort. Just a few small things to do and I'll be tackling the extruder. The things on the list before the extruder are:

  • Solder up and mount the opto end stops.
  • Mount the rest of the motors (2)
  • Couple the motors to the drive screws
  • Attach coupling nuts to the platforms

I came across another challenge this session. There was a large discrepancy between the laser cut holes in the plexi and the holes in the flange to mount the Z platform to the structure. I thought about using some smaller screw with big washers but I thought that would put too much localized pressure on the plexi that usually leads to cracking.  Instead I opted to make an adapter plate that would interface between the  two. Also it helps distribute the load along the length of the plexi. Adjustments might have to be made for the proper over hang distance. I will adjust that once the extruder is mounted.

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