Sunday, December 27, 2009

McWire Build Session 3

So, my lessons learned the first two build sessions are starting to pay off. I managed to get to the hardware store and picked up the 5/16" washers and some metal blades for the saber saw. That made all the difference. The builds are progressing at a stead pace now and not too many surprises.

So far I have only used 3 screw types.

  • 5/16" flat head, 3/4" long ( That I think would be better at 1"long) are used to attach rails, swing arms and bearings using counter sunk through hole and nut.
  • #10-24 pan head, 1" long (That I think would be better at  1/2" or 3/8" long)  are used to mount motors, PTFE bearings and the end supports to the rails. These are use with tapped holes in either the plexi or the aluminum.  This is a little more work than the though hole and nut but gives a nice precise fit. 
  • #4-40 pan head 1/2" long are used to hold the springs to the swing arms in leu of the small nails suggested. These are drilled and tapped.  
Im sure the nearest metric equivalent would work fine for those who are so inclined but holes in the laser cut pieces should be adjusted. 

Here is the time lapse...

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