Thursday, December 24, 2009

McWire Build Session#1

Today I had my first  McWire build session. It was the first day of my Christmas vacation.

The first part of the build was cleaning the bench from the last project(s).

Highlights of the build:

  • Life is SO much easier with a drill press. - Just say'n.
  • The "stickers" for the pipes didn't work for me. There was no good reference to line things up with them. I ended up using masking tape and created my own drill points. I put masking tap on the top of the two base pipes. Then took the aluminum channel, put it on top of the pipes, applied a good amount of pressure and scraped it along the top of the pipes.  This scribed a nice straight line indicating where the top of each pipe was. 

  • The hole locations for the X u-channel did not match the structure. I ended up adding an extra hole in the channel
  • I used the one of the stickers to get the location of the 1st hole. I used the u-channel mounting holes, the scribed "top of the pipe" line  and a square to get the locations of the other 3 holes.
  • The self tapping 10-24 screws I bought did not work in the pipe.  2 of them failed and I had to grind them out. I think I should have bought the ones with the bigger grove that deals with the shavings. Luckily I have a tap and dye set and used that to make the threads for the screws. I used a 5/32" drill bit for the hole.

    Here is a time lapse of the build session. I think a higher vantage point would be better. I'll try that next time.


    CharlesGantt said...

    I have my McWire almost complete. Check out the build log on my site. I ran into a few snags that you may run into also. Just click on the reprap tab on my site.

    bjbsquared said...

    Wow, you really have a very nice site going there! I like your still pictures. I think I'll do more of that. Thanks so much for the heads up!

    Now that I know how rough the information is I will be doing a "fit as it goes" approach instead of solely relying on the stickers.

    CharlesGantt said...

    Thanks for the nice comments about the site. Its been a long journey but I have it just about where I want it.

    Others have stated that the stickers were accurate. I however could not get anything to size correctly when printing. I tried printing from about 18 different programs before I gave up and going the "fit as it goes" route.

    I will be following the build and if you run into any snags you can find my contact info on my site.