Saturday, December 26, 2009

McWire Build Session 2.5

I got out to the shop early this morning to make a set of spacers to lift the X rails off the pipes to let the bearings slide by. Much to my surprise I had a little mishap in the middle of the night.

My method of attaching the spring to the swing arms was with some small sheet metal screws. Well, I think the pilot hole I drilled was not quite big enough. That coupled with the presser of the spring  blew out one of the swing arms.

Luckily I ordered 2 extra of all the small laser cut parts. I will be drilling and tapping those hole for 4-40 panhead about 3/4"long.

After I assessed the damage, I set the gears into motion. My best solution for the things that I had on hand were to use a piece of leftover U channel for the majority of the spacer and a washer for that extra little bit. The channel gave a nice flat place for the rails to rest and sat on the pipes nicely. It might need one more washer for the clearance but I won't know until after get back from the hard ware store.

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