Monday, December 14, 2009

McWire Laser Cut Files

Well, I have decided to get laser cut parts instead of using that piece of MDF that I had in my shop. I just received an order of laser cut parts for 3 small projects I've been working on. I love that it comes coated in paper that you can scribble notes on while you do the initial fit. I think it was the look of acrylic that did me in. Taking off the paper and revealing the plexi is like uncovering a diamond. It's shinny and mesmerizing.

So, given all that, I down loaded the files for the McWire V1.2 from SourceForge.  In all the files looked pretty good to me but there were some changes I wanted to make. They are the following:
  1. The layout file were scaled in millimeters. Since I mostly work in imperial units I scaled it down by 25.4. Note: If your CAD system accepts LISP commands as input this is easily done by entering in (/ 1 25.4) which calculates 1/25.4 instead of typing in a bunch of digits that is prone to error by rounding or having fat fingers
  2. The LIMITS of the files was change to 11.75 x 23.75 inches. 
  3. The parts were rearranged for more efficient laser cutting -  combining edges of the same type of parts to save on cutting time.
  4. The text and shapes that were to be etched were removed - again to save on cutting time.
  5. Two of the smaller parts were added as spares. Yes, It's adding cost but I think it is value added. I hate to be dead in the water because of breaking one part... or even two.

Anyone is welcome to use these files. They are in AutoCAD 2004 DWG and DXF format. I also scaled a copy back up to millimeters for those who use the saner form of units.

They can be found at: XYZ_Layouts.

If you use these, please let me know if there are any bugs in them.

I placed in a request for quote at Pololu for the XY and the Z layouts. I did not find information about thickness on the McWire page. Searching the forums I found an estimate of 1/4 inch so that’s what I went with.

I can't wait until all my parts arrive! I will be finishing up my 3 small projects. That should keep my build addiction satisfied until then.

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