Monday, December 28, 2009

McWire Build Session 4

Things progressed nicely to day.  Here are the highlights.

X Rail Spacers (continued)
I finshed the X-Y stack and started the Z sled. I adjusted the spacers between the pipe and the X rails. I cut the inside of the spacer flush with the rail because the nut holding the bearing to the swing arm was hitting it. The outside part still protrudes out and I like that because it's easy to hold with your fingers when lining things up.  I also removed the washer between the rail and the spacer. It wasn't needed as I did not account for the height the PTFE bearing were lifting the platform up.

Y Rail Spacers
Just as with the X, there needs to be a spacer between the Y rail and the X platform. I thought about cutting some U channel to do this just as with the X but that would have made a spacer longer than the 5/16"x3/4" screws could handle.  The final solution was to use a 5/16" nut between the X platform and the Y rails.

Progress: Z Platform
The lessons learned with the X and Y platforms made the Z Axis go smoothly.

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